Daily activity

 I got up in the morning I always made up bed, taking a wudlu and shalat tahajud then read quran until, I pray subuh. After that, I always study Arabic language every morning.  When I finished study Arabic language, I have a breakfast first and then take a bath. After that, I wear the clothes and I styling my hair. Then, next activity what I usually do after styling my hair is prepare my motorcycle. I turn the motorcycle on for intention make the machines getting heat and ready to use. I go to campus everyday except Sunday. There are many activities during weekdays. Beside study at the campus, I pray duha too. I'm not only a pure student who just goes to campus for studying only, but I'm a student who have many business and have an independent life. Because my effort, Alhamdulillah I can resolve my problems by my self, actually in material aspect. After spend my day and do what I always do everyday, I return dormitory. The first thing I should do is eat. I always eat some food or munching the snack. After that, I do my assignments and listening to music at my bed room. I don't watching TV much, because in my opinion watching TV is not really give me gains, it's just a useless thing which can spend my time. If everything has done, the next is my favorite activity, that is go to bed and sleep well.

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